Praise for Big Thick Rod, or Nymph

“Is marriage itself a socially sanctioned form of prostitution? Is our whole economic system based on the premise that to the exploiter go the spoils? And is unbridled female sexuality scary or what? While contemplating such meaty questions, you get to laugh yourself silly at the absurdist lengths a newly mortal wood nymph will go to outhuman the humans.”

Sandy MacDonald, Theatremania

“Stanton Wood’s dark comedy, Big Thick Rod, begins and ends with a business transaction. Not quite what one expects from a play that features a sexually insatiable wood nymph and her well-endowed handyman. Then again there’s nothing predictable about Wood’s script—which views all couplings as exploitative business partnerships…Wood’s keen sense of humor tempers the play’s darker undertones and makes them go down smooth.”

Michael Criscuolo,

“…unabashedly and insightfully assesses the cost of love and freedom: how much of one is worth the other.”

Mary Block, L Magazine